Sunny Gale is Alive!

23 Oct 2013, Posted by OlegAdmin in Blog

Sunny GaleI found her!!! I found Sunny Gale! She was one of the finest singers of the 50’s and then disappeared. People said that she has passed away a long time ago.. NO, no, no! She is HERE! Totally forgotten, even by her daughter, who does not visit her, Sunny Gale is now in one of retirement homes in Florida.

Going to visit her and to do a TV interview, if she will be willing to. She lived a terrible life…can’t imagine that Sunny Gale, the star of the 50’s is around and forgotten by everyone…..terrible!

Here is one of my favorite “sunny” recordings of Sunny Gale. Enjoy!

  • vito william bracciodieta

    Sunny was and still is my most favorite singer, in my lifetime. If you happen to see her in Florida, please let her know she is not forgotten by many and she will always be in my heart, and always in my prayers. I met her in person once when I was 27 yrs. of age in a night club in Queens. I went backstage and asked if she would autograph a photo that I wanted the club to take of us at our table. She was so gracious and accepted and to today I have that photo which I will treasure forever. I am now 79 years of age and miss her singing so much.
    To Sunny; We will meet again some day and you can sing for me there, forever.

  • Al Heitzer

    Have you visited and spoken with Sunny? Is she in her 80’s or what? Amazing that you were able to track her down in Florida, but how did she have a ‘terrible life’? This article appeared here more than a year ago and no further word from you??

    • Andrea

      I actually met her today in this retirement home she had a beautiful smile on her face when I played for her some of her songs yes she is a forgotten legend it is such a shame because for many being old is being forgotten and lonely

  • Wayne Brasler

    About 15 or 20 years ago, it must have been, I was doing some work about travel with, as I remember, a community college in Florida and when I saw the name of its travel representative I recognized it as Sunny Gale’s real name. I was amazed. I had been told she lived in Florida, was no longer in the music business, and I thought it was perfectly logical she would be working at a regular career. I could never get a straight answer if this was her but I am thinking it had to be. Many famous film stars, recording stars and other well-known people have ended up in Florida because of the beautiful climate, and settled into a normal life happily. I am very sorry to hear Sunny’s life may not have turned out happily because she certainly had a great ride as a recording artist and performer. She was very liked by those who worked with her. The biggest tough spot in her career is when she recorded “Wheel of Fortune,” it was sailing up the charts and Capitol brought in Kay Starr in the middle of the night (literally) to record a cover version and get it out quickly. Which is what happened, and Sunny’s label, Derby, could not compete with Capitol’s proportion staff or distribution.

  • Marc Adelman

    I am the South Philadelphia High School archivist. Dr. Anthony Evangelisto and a alumni association committee are putting a book together featuring successful Southern alumni. The working title is, “The Southern Road to Excellence: Successes of an Urban School.” We would like to feature Ms. Gale in the book. If she is still alive and well enough we would like to interview her. If anyone can lead us to her, you can email myself, or Dr. Evangelisto, Thank you in advance. Marc Adelman

  • Martha

    Could I write to her please?

  • philip paul

    hello oleg. pleased you located S.G. I try to keep track of all the recording artists in my LP collection. it is easier to locate someone if you have biographical info. for sunny,I have clayton n.j. as her birthplace,selma sega as her original name and feb 20,1927 as her date of birth. the data I have is usually on target,but not always. of the 131 living performers in my collection there are only 2 on whom I don’t have current information.
    thanks for your research. best regards.

  • Mork

    Did you ever find her? I would love to see an interview. I also wish there was a way for us fans to get in touch, or at least pass on our regards. Sunny still shines bright in many, many hearts!

  • Philip Paul

    hello oleg. as far as I can ascertain, the following folks for whom I have LP’s, live in florida.the years of birth I have follow the names.
    mindy carson-1927, vic damone-1928, peter palmer–1931, mike preston–1934,bobby vinton–1935,clay hart 1942, and of course sunny gale –1927. it is possible one or two dates may be incorrect. bobby breen, who resided in florida, died recently. he was 87 or 88.
    best regards.


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