oleg-frish-radioThis year marks the 25th Anniversary of Oleg’s distinguished career as celebrity television and radio broadcast talk show host in the United States. When he landed his first broadcast job New York, he he also became the first Russian to produce and launch a string of television shows that have been broadcast domestically via several notable cable networks and affiliates in most major markets in the US, Russia and to many other countries around the world.

“I feel very lucky to have sustained the incredible longevity of my broadcasting career,” noted Oleg. “Every time one of my shows ended, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be my last one. Now, I’m celebrating my 25th Anniversary.”
“I’m just really happy I get to do what I love doing,” he attests. “I’m looking forward to starting another chapter in my journey and hopefully launching my first show English language shows for American television and radio in the near future.”

The Friday Night With Oleg Frish on RTVi (Russian Television International) 2011 – 2017

THE FRIDAY NIGHT is produced by RTVI. It’s a half hour one-on-one show format that features Oleg interviewing a major celebrity guest 52 weeks a year. Throughout his career, he has interviewed hundreds of major stars including; James Brown, B.B. King, Connie Francis, Engelbert Humperdinck, Paul Anka, Al Martino, Jack Jones, John Kander, Jerry Herman, Marvin Hamlisch, Petula Clark, Michel Legrand, Yma Sumak, Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer, Brenda Lee, Vikki Carr, Keely Smith to name a few. The show is broadcast in Russian (voice over).

James Brown

“Oleg Frish is one of the kind. He remembers the songs I did but I’ve forgotten them long time ago”.

RTVi (Russian Television International) an international Russian-language privately owned television network with studios based in New York, Tel-Aviv, Berlin and Riga.. RTVi’s European feed is not available in Russia, but they reach a global audience of more than 50 million viewers. RTVi’s principal audience are millions of Russian-speaking viewers outside Russia, in some cases it’s the only TV channel available for Russian-speaking communities. There is a population of over 3 million Russian-Americans and immigrants living in the U.S, and over 350,000 living in New York. All of the network’s programs are included as part of the IO Russian package that is available all major cable network distribution systems such as Direct TV (all areas except New York) Time Warner, Cablevision, Direct TV, Comcast and RCN. In the Tri-State area, RTVi programs can be viewed on Time Warner Cable channel 521, Cablevision channel 1182, RCN channel 530, DirecTV channel 2148, on Comcast and other channels depending on the area.

Oleg Frish Has Interviewed Over 2000 Celebrity Guests On His Television Shows Over The Past 25 Years, Here’s A Few Of His








Oleg-Frish-tv-host-and-Donna Summer













Celebrity guests pictured above are credited by rows from the top to the bottom
Row 1: B.B.King, Brenda Lee, Kenny G, Neil Sedaka,
Row 2: Paul Anka, Petula Clark, Whoopi Goldberg, Al DiMeola,
Row 3: Andy Williams, Donna Summer, Engelbert Humperdinck, Gino Vannelli,
Row 4: Jackie Mason, James Brown, Jerry Herman, Jose Feliciano,
Row 5: Marvin Hamlisch, Yma Sumak, Liz Smith, Connie Francis


“Time Out” was a popular weekly television news and entertainment program that Oleg Frish hosted and produced under his own production banner, Time Out Media in 2005. The Sunday evening show was broadcast on NTV – one of Russia’s leading television channels. The network’s programs were broadcast in 19 countries and reached some 50 million people. They also had headquarters in the US.

“Time Out” encompassed a variety of different topics including music business, unusual happenings, interesting activities, unique locations, celebrity news and interviews as well as reviews and recommendations of different newly released CDs, DVDs, movies and concert tours.

During the five year run of the show Oleg interviewed many major stars and celebrities including; B.B. King, James Brown, Whoopy Goldberg, Claudia Schiffer, Paul Anka, Connie Francis, Neil Sedaka, composers John Kander, Jerry Herman and Johnny Mandel, Vicky Carr, Petula Clark, Yma Sumak, Shirley Jones, Keely Smith, Anita O’Day, Gloria Gaynor and Engelbert Humperdinck, and others have appeared on the show.


Oleg Frish Time OutOleg Frish is the Executive Producer as well as the Host of the program – a very bright and creative personality in his own right. Oleg has lived in the US for 15 years, all of them working in the Russian Radio and television. He also hosts a weekly music program on Wednesdays on Radio “VSE” -87.7FM.

In Russia, Oleg was a celebrity – an actor, a singer, a magician, and a journalist with his own unique show full of wit and whimsy, singing songs in 26 different languages and showing his enormous memory. He also wrote for the prestigious entertainment and cultural publications.

Oleg Frish was the first Russian reporter and host to start producing radio and television programs about famous American and European legends of jazz, pop and rock music from B.B.King to James Brown to Mireille Mathieu and Connie Francis just to name a few.

gleb-savchenko-timeoutGleb Savchenko was the first Host of “Time Out”. Before hosting this program Gleb lived in Moscow, Russia where he graduated from the Russian Theatrical Academy. He appeared in numerous music videos of major Russian pop stars, worked as a model and participated in ballroom dancing competitions.

In America Gleb has shot ad campaigns, appeared in such famous magazines as “Cosmopolitan”, “GQ” and “Men’s Health” and participated in major designer runaway shows. He also hosted concerts given by American stars in major New York venues and prestigious jazz clubs. Now Gleb Savchenko is doing well with his dancing and acting career and is happy with the opportunity for a new creative output he received in “Time Out” on NTV.

In America, Oleg was able to realize his dream by bringing to the Russian audiences and Russian market legendary names known all over the world.

Paul Anka, Gloria Gaynor, John Kander, Gerry Herman, Leslie Gore, Neil Sedaka, Yma Sumak, Shirley Jones, Vicki Carr, Nancy Wilson, Claire Barry of the Barry Sisters and many more has been interviewed by Oleg Frish!


Now producer Oleg Frish has plenty to keep him busy – from working out the content of the show and looking for entertaining guests to putting together the right technical crews, working with editors, scheduling location and studio time as well as traveling to the most interesting and celebrated places all over the world to give the audience a look inside the fascinating world of entertainment, its celebrities and their lifestyles, their music and their art.

“As If It Was Yesterday” (RTN, Fort Lee, NJ) 2002- 2004

Interviews with Russian and American oldies singers and actors. Filmed in NY.

“Walking the Streets of Moscow”…(WMNB, Fort Lee, NJ) 1997-99

93 programs filmed in Moscow. Interviews with the most popular Russian/Soviet music, theater and film stars.